Imagine a setting so comfortable it could put you at ease even during a difficult time. Our close and accommodating design with oil paintings from local artists adorning our walls make you feel right at home.

You may think that all funeral homes are alike - We would like you to know that they differ.

At Meredith-Clark Funeral Home we pride ourselves in being "Family Owned" and residents of the community. We have been in business since 1935, and from the beginning our commitment to you, your family and the community has been important to us. We are sensitive to your needs from the first phone call until long after the funeral is over.

Your 100% satisfaction is our goal, anything less is not acceptable.

At Meredith-Clark Funeral Home we can help you plan a service so special that the only thing you leave behind are beautiful memories. We welcome you to tour our website.

When selecting a funeral service, we suggest to our families the three most important items to remember: Every funeral is a dignified funeral, stay in a price range that you can afford and, whoever is paying for the funeral needs to maintain their same standard of living.

When a family entrusts us with their loved ones, they can rest assured that all is cared for with dignity and respect. Our policy at Meredith-Clark Funeral Home is to witness the burial after the family has left the cemetery and if the family wishes to stay, we will be there for them.

If cremation has been selected, we offer to our families the right to witness the beginning of the cremation process.

Should you have any questions or would prefer to talk with us directly, please call us at 812-597-4670.

Bill Meredith & Jamie Meredith
Owners/Funeral Director

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